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Audit report NSOAF – Eni – Saipem

The Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA) carried out an audit of Eni Norge AS’ (Eni’s) and Saipem Norwegian Branch’s (Saipem’s) safeguarding of organisational and human factors in connection with handling a potential loss of well control.

The objective of the audit activity was for the companies to demonstrate vis-à-vis the PSA that a functioning management system and associated work processes had been established which contribute to safeguard well control.

Nonconformities were identified in connection with:

  • design of control room and driller’s cabin (Saipem)
  • involvement during exercises in well control (Eni and Saipem)
  • acquisition, processing and communication of information (Eni and Saipem)
  • application of experience data and system for learning (Eni and Saipem)
  • quality assurance of governing documents (Eni and Saipem)
  • knowledge regarding alternative methods of operation for BOP (Saipem)
  • emergency circulation system for drilling mud (Saipem)

 Furthermore, improvement items were identified in connection with:

  • emergency power supply to the mud logging cabin (Saipem)
  • management of changes (Saipem)
  • barrier management (Saipem)
  • organisation, manning and competence (Eni and Saipem)

Letter to Saipem Norwegian Branch
 (In Norwegian)
Letter to Eni Norge AS (In Norwegian)
Audit report (In Norwegian)

Journal 2012/1674