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Audit - RWE-Dea as licensee

In the period October - November 2003 the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate, now the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA), conducted an audit of how RWE-Dea as a licensee complies with its obligations in accordance with the HES regulatory requirements.

The audit included an introductory meeting where we emphasized the expectations to the licensee role in accordance with the HES regulatory requirements, and a system verification at RWE-Dea.

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Purpose of the audit

The audit was to determine to what extent RWE-Dea complies with its supervisory obligation, give a picture of what effect the exercising of this obligation has, and obtain insight into how the company develops management systems to comply with the obligations and identify any improvement areas.

Result of the audit

RWE-Dea had facilitated the verification meeting in a good manner.

Following an introduction to RWE-Dea and the position the Norwegian company has in a group context, a presentation was given of how the company perceives HES and has implemented HES in the organization.

In this connection RWE-Dea can point to good examples from operations in other regions where environmental considerations and HES have been safeguarded in a good and recognized manner.

The role of the licensee was then reviewed on the basis of selected practical examples from the production licenses in which RWE-Dea participates.

The PSA has a positive impression following the verification at RWE-Dea. The company emerges as a committed and responsible licensee.

The company has established a management system where there is a logical and consistent line from the international group and down to the Norwegian company, and where HES is an integrated part.

RWE-Dea can also demonstrate that the company is aware of its role as a driving force and uses this actively to develop the partner role in the production licenses in which it participates.

The verification did not, however, provide the opportunity to obtain insight into how the management system is applied in practice, and how accessible it is to the users.

A possible potential for improvement could be to transfer the management system to a web-based Intranet platform that would be able to comply with requirements and wishes for accessibility and readability.

Overall, RWE-Dea emerges as a company that has adapted its operations to the rights and obligations emphasized in the HES regulatory requirements in a good manner.

The PSA's follow-up

Contact person in the PSA:
Mike Theiss

The PSA's follow-up

Contact person in the PSA:
Mike Theiss