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Audit - technical safety on Transocean Arctic

Transocean Offshore has applied for an Acknowledgement of Compliance for the mobile drilling rig Transocean Arctic (photo). As part of the processing of this application, the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway conducted an audit of the technical safety on the installation on 31 March 2004.

The activity was aimed at management systems and technical factors in the area of technical safety.

The audit was conducted by means of conversations and verifications on board the rig during its stay at the Westcon yard in Ølen.

Background for the audit

Transocean Arctic is a semi-submersible mobile drilling rig built in 1986 at Mitsubitshi Heavy Industries in Japan.

The rig operated on the Norwegian shelf for many years until February 2002, when it was laid up in Ølen.

Transocean Offshore (TO) has applied for an (AoC) for the rig.

The company plans to commence activities on the Norne field for Statoil, with start-up planned during the period 15 June (earliest) to 15 July 2004.

In this connection, a major upgrade of the installation will be carried out during the stay in Ølen.
Part of this work will be done to comply with regulatory requirements, while some technical modifications to equipment and systems will be done to meet contractual requirements between Statoil and TO.

Before the activity on the Norne field can commence, the installation must secure an AoC from the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway.

Purpose of the audit

The objective of this activity was to verify whether management and technical aspects within the field of technical safety on the Transocean Arctic were in compliance with regulatory requirements.

The verifications were carried out in relation to information in the company's AoC application.

Result of the audit

The planned modifications on Transocean Arctic will help to enhance the HSE standard on the rig.

Before the rig is ready for operations, a comprehensive program of maintenance and testing of systems must be implemented. TO plans to implement such a program during the last six weeks of the stay in the yard in Ølen.

The rig was not staffed with operations personnel during the verification, therefore, there was little opportunity to verify the requirements relating to expertise and familiarization, training and drills.

It will be a challenge for the company to commission the rig (with necessary documentation) for the operation while simultaneously ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements in the above-mentioned areas.

Contact person in the PSA:
Mike Theiss