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Audit with Snorre – follow-up of injection wells

Audit: On 5 May 2009, the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA) carried out an audit of StatoilHydro’s follow-up of the robustness of various types of injection wells on Snorre A and B. We identified no non-conformities in relation to the regulatory requirements.

The audit was conducted in the form of a meeting at StatoilHydro at Forus.

 Snorre A and B (source: StatoilHydro)

Snorre A (left) and B (source: StatoilHydro)

Background  for the audit
The audit was related to the PSA's main priority relating to technical and operational safety. Previous experience from challenges and incidents related to the robustness of injection wells also forms part of the reason for the audit. 

Purpose of the audit
The purpose of the audit was to assess the company's choice of solutions in connection with the robustness of well structures.

We wanted to gain an overview of planning and implementation of the company's criteria related to construction of water injection wells.

Audit activities included choice of solutions in regards to casing, cementing and completion based upon challenges with the following issues:

  • the drilling phase
  • testing of formation strength
  • well completion
  • well intervention
  • permanent plugging and temporary abandonment

Result of the audit
We identified no non-conformities in relation to regulatory requirements, but we identified improvement items in regards to the following:

  • temporarily abandoned wells
  • qualification of cement quality
  • monitoring of corrosion mechanisms