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Audits of alarm systems on production installations

During the period from August 2000 to September 2002, the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate (NPD) conducted audits of the alarm systems on seven installations on the Norwegian Shelf. The NPD's overall evaluation of the safety aspects linked to these systems is presented in a report dated 30 June 2003.

All operating companies with production installations on the Norwegian shelf, with the exception of Total and Pertra, were subject to the NPD's audit.

The installations selected were to represent differences in age, type of installation, total volume of alarms and suppliers of safety and automation (SAS) systems.

The NPD's audits revealed largely the same weaknesses and problems areas regardless of system supplier, operating company, type of installation and age of installation.

After the audit activities, separate audit reports including recommendations and observations were prepared for the respective operating companies.The audit activities have been followed up in status meetings.

In identical letters sent to all operating companies on the Norwegian shelf and the four SAS system suppliers, the NPD has requested that the players review the summary report to assess the scope of the NPD's findings, and to implement measures with a view towards necessary improvements.

Link to the NPD's report (in Norwegian)