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Authorising access gets whole new meaning at ONS

A spectacular display is being mounted by the Norwegian government agencies involved with the oil and gas business at this year's ONS exhibition in Stavanger.

Their stand at the show has been designed under the slogan Authorising access by world-famous architect Ammar Eloueini, and represents his first commission in Scandinavia.

He has created a visualisation of the subsea landscape of the Norwegian continental shelf with the aid of transparent and artistically-lit plastic materials.

The slogan for the stand highlights the role of the authorities as granters of access, facilitators and regulators on the NCS.

With the Norwegian coat of arms as the unifying symbol, this presentation unites the Ministry of Labour and Social Inclusion, the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway, the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy, the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate and the Research Council of Norway.

The Fasett advertising agency in Stavanger has been responsible for designing the government stand, and for the collaboration with Mr Eloueini

See the presentation on stand 615 in Hall F at ONS.

Ammar Eloueini

  • World-famous architect, born in Lebanon, now with offices in Paris and Chicago
  • Eloueini has designed a number of celebrated installations worldwide
  • He has cooperated closely with the famous fashion designer Issey Miyake - and a number of artists, painters, actors, dancers and performers
  • A much-coveted teacher and professor, Eloueini has lectured for US universities in Chicago, Louisiana and San Fransisco as well as art and architect students in numerous countries
  • Designing the ONS stand for the Norwegian authorities is Eloueini's first project in Scandinavia
  • For further information and images, see www.digit-all.net