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Better prevention and fireproofing

There are indications that the challenges of fireproofing have not changed in recent years. Prevention, fireproofing and the importance of good risk analyses were some of the issues discussed at the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway's (PSA’s) fire seminar on 22 April. The importance of independent barriers which retain their functionality in spite of single defects, was also emphasized.

 The seminar was based on projects which SINTEF NBL and Petrell have carried out for the PSA. The purpose was to convey lessons learned and knowledge acquired in recent years.

Analyses suitable for the purpose
The PSA gave an account of the purpose of ”good” risk analyses, and gave examples of analyses not always suitable for the purpose. Regulatory requirements relating to barriers were also presented, as was the importance of independent barriers.  Single defects should not be able to destroy the barrier function.

In recent years, Petrell has been involved in projects related to simulation tools. At the seminar Petrell described some of the challenges that safety engineers were faced with when they use risk analyses in modification projects. The analyses and models they are based on are not always suitable for the purpose, and it would seem as if the safety engineers are not in the target group for these analyses. 

Simulation models
Petrell also presented the use of simulation models and their potential strengths. Some of the challenges of using simulation models were also highlighted, as they must be based on good risk analyses (scenarios) and require good skills.

SINTEF NBL presented fire prevention requirements (testing) and experiences from larger projects in which the industry has participated. SINTEF  has core competence in mapping reality (through analyses and tests), as well as providing fire prevention advice, analyses and calculations. In the enclosed presentations, reference is made to several reports.

In a NORSOK context, work is progressing on additional requirements for fire assessments/analyses in NORSOK Z-013 (corresponding to the procedure for simulation of probable explosions).

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