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Big interest in lifeboat seminar

Those who missed the lifeboat seminar staged by the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA) in Stavanger on 28 October can now find the presentations on the web.

The agenda covered the challenges – overcome and still unresolved – faced by the projects on free-fall and davit-lowered lifeboats, new evacuation regulations and the next lifeboat generation.

Great interest was shown in the meeting, which attracted some 160 participants from the industry.

Sigurd Robert Jacobsen and Anders Tharaldsen at the PSA, who organised the seminar on behalf of the lifeboat networks, were very satisfied with the results.

 “The presentations were interesting for the professionals involved,” says Mr Jacobsen. “Our impression is that good work is now being done with lifeboat-related challenges on the NCS.”

The programme aimed to enhance general knowledge about these craft and contribute to a shared understanding of the present position and priorities for future work.

Contact in the PSA:

Sigurd Robert Jacobsen
Email: Sigurd.Jacobsen@ptil.no