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Calls for marked improvement in the risk level on the Shelf

"The Petroleum Safety Authority Norway is not satisfied with the development in HSE," said Director Magne Ognedal when he presented the results of the project "Trends in risk levels - Norwegian continental shelf" (RNNS) and main features of the PSA's annual report. There has been no clear improvement in the risk level in the petroleum activities in 2005.

"Over time, we still do not see any clear, continuous improvement in the HSE level. The PSA is not satisfied with this trend. So far, the ambition of Norwegian petroleum activities leading the world in HSE has not been fulfilled," said Director Magne Ognedal during the press conference in the PSA's offices on 28 April, during which both the RNNS report and the PSA's annual report were presented.

The RNNS project, "Trends in risk levels - Norwegian continental shelf" includes an annual calculation of the overall risk level using 21 indicators covering most types of risk. The project is based on a tripartite collaborative effort, which means that all three parties agree on the overall risk scenario presented.

In the report that concerns 2005, the overall indicator for major accidents is nearly stable, and shows only a modest reduction compared with previous years. Some indicators that contribute to the risk of major accidents have been reduced, such as hydrocarbon leaks, while others have increased, such as serious personal injuries and collisions between field-related vessels and facilities.

The RNNS report and the 2005 annual report can be downloaded from our website, and printed copies can also be ordered free of charge.


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