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Cancelled: Seminar 4 June on biological exposure indicators

The project “Chemical working environment in the petroleum industry” is hosting a follow-up seminar on the biological monitoring of chemical exposure on Wednesday 4 June. The seminar, to be held at Folkets Hus in Oslo, is one of many activities within the chemical working environment field.

  • Message 29 May 2009: The seminar is cancelled, but will be considered for the autumn 2009

Biological monitoring of exposure uses human tissue markers such as blood, hair, nails, urine as well as exhaled air. The 4 June seminar will focus on the practical use of such markers, but will also emphasise the ethical and legal aspects.

The first seminar on the subject was held at the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA), and mainly covered the chemical and technical aspects of the usage.

Focus on chemical working environment
Chemical working environment has received much attention over many years, amongst other things due to persons who may suffer from long-term injuries due to previous chemical exposure.

An important milestone was reached in June 2007, when the PSA submitted its report “Offshore chemical working environment” to the Norwegian Ministry of Labour and Social Inclusion (AID).

The report, which was the result of a long-running project in which industrial players and key experts participated, pointed to several areas where there is a need to clarify exposure and risk levels.

Industry challenged by minister
In connection with the PSA-report being handed over to the AID, the then Minister of AID Bjarne Håkon Hanssen invited the industrial parties to a meeting. During the meeting, the Norwegian Oil Industry Association (OLF) took on the responsibility to lead the work to increase knowledge on current chemical exposure.

As a result, the “Chemical working environment in the petroleum industry” project was established, aimed at providing a comprehensive picture of the current and past exposure situation, describe and fill knowledge gaps and contribute to increasing the industry’s ability to handle chemical risk in the petroleum industry working environment.

The Petroleum Safety Authority Norway has observer status in the project, and actively follows up the various ongoing activities.

Petroleum Safety Authority Norway contact person:
Anne Mette Eide
E-mail: Anne.Mette.Eide@ptil.no