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Causal relations in lifting operations incidents

Norwegian authorities have focused on crane safety over the past 25 years in that various directorates have stipulated requirements for construction, use, certification and supervision in respective regulations for lifting appliances and lifting gear.

The Directorate of Labor Inspection stipulated its first regulations for lifting appliances and lifting gear in 1974 (Safety Rule 16) based on ILO Convention 152, which has been ratified by Norway. This regulatory work has subsequently been followed up by other directorates responsible for stipulating requirements for lifting equipment.

The NPD released its first edition of "Regulations for lifting appliances and lifting gear in the petroleum activities" in 1977 and the Norwegian Maritime Directorate stipulated corresponding regulations in 1978.

The NPD's regulations have been amended a number of times over the years. There is reason to believe that the effect of the requirements stipulated in the regulations has entailed that the safety of lifting operations has been reinforced through technical and functional requirements, requirements for licensee's internal control, requirements for competent operations and requirements concerning the training and qualifications of crane operators.