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Challenges for a Shelf in the Harvest Phase

The Offshore Operations and Maintenance Conference opens in the Grieg Concert Hall in Bergen on Wednesday 23 October. Once again the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate is a key contributor with, among other things, three speakers.

17 October 2002

This year's conference is the 18th such event, and the Norwegian Petroleum Society's organizers estimate that there will be just over 200 participants.

The main topic this year is based on the fact that the petroleum industry in Norway has become a mature industry, with several of the large fields going into a harvest phase.

This, in combination with a cost level under pressure, entails considerable challenges for the petroleum industry and subcontractors as well as for the authorities.

On the first day of the conference, Director General Gunnar Berge will give a speech with the title ”Do the current regulations provide the right framework conditions for O&M (operations and maintenance).

Among other things, he will address how the NPD, through an update of the regulatory requirements, will attempt to create framework conditions that allow for necessary innovation and flexibility in order to facilitate cost-effective operations. He will also discuss how the right emphasis on HES may contribute to creation of value.

On the second day of the conference, Principal Engineer Torleif Husebø will talk about one of the NPD's most prestigious projects in recent years – Risk Level Development on the Norwegian Shelf.

This is a pilot project in which the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate, in cooperation with the industry, Safety Forum and other professional groups, has carried out a comprehensive mapping of the risk level on the Norwegian shelf.

Through defining critical safety indicators, a set of measuring tools has been developed that gives an indication of the development of the risk level for the entire petroleum sector.

Later this day, Principal Engineer Hans Spilde from the NPD will address the topics maintenance and risk.

An exhibition will be arranged in connection with the conference, with the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate participating with its own stand.