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Collision with the Grane facility

On Monday 9 July, a collision occurred between the supply vessel "Bourbon Surf" and the Grane facility. The damage to the facility and the vessel was limited. Had the incident taken place under slightly different circumstances, it could have had serious consequences and the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA) therefore takes this incident very seriously.

The PSA has held a meeting with the affected parties to get a preliminary report on the incident, as well as to ensure that the incident is followed up so that the chain of events is uncovered and any improvement measures are identified.

The PSA's follow-up focuses on how Hydro, as the operator of the facility, safeguards its responsibility for following up vessels inside the safety zone established around the facility.

The PSA is in dialogue with the Norwegian Maritime Directorate to clarify the need for potential coordinated follow-up by the authorities.

Contact in the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway:
Olaf Thuestad
Tel.: +47 51 87 63 96