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Conference on health risks related to organophosphates

Conference on health risks related to organophosphates Suspicions of serious health effects linked to the use and handling of organophosphates in hydraulic and turbine oils have received considerable attention recently. In this connection, the Directorate of Labour Inspection and the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate extend an invitation to a round-table conference in Stavanger on 3 June.

The purpose of the conference is to bring together relevant parties to discuss short-term and long-term measures. Initiatives from the invited participants will be important for the work ahead.

In December 2002 the Federation of Oil Workers' Trade Unions (OFS) raised the issue of health risks related to organophosphates in the Safety Forum, which is a joint committee for the petroleum industry. The matter has also been extensively discussed in the media, primarily through a series of articles in the newspaper Dagbladet.

The National Institute of Occupational Health (STAMI), on assignment from the Directorate of Labour Inspection, has completed a preliminary assessment (se link box). The assessment summarizes our knowledge so far and proposes continued work to determine the extent of the problem.

Some of the major oil companies have also conducted surveys to acquire data to obtain an overview of use, exposure and health effects, etc. of chemicals that contain organophosphates.

The conference on health risks related to organophosphates will be held at the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate in Stavanger. Lars Bodsberg, Head of Research at Sintef Teknologiledelse, will chair the conference. Sintef will also be responsible for preparing a conference report.