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Consent - a sign of confidence

An operator who wants to begin working on the NCS has to secure government consent, which must also be obtained for any significant change in an activity. By issuing a consent, the HSE authorities indicate that they are confident the company can work in line with the regulations and with the information provided in its application.

The regulator determines in each case how extensive and detailed a consideration it will give to the request for a consent.

Crucial factors include earlier experience with the relevant player, the contractors due to be involved, the project or installation concerned and the vessel. Others are special safety and working environment challenges, the environmental vulnerability of the area in question and the criticality of the start time for the activity.

After a consent has been given, the authorities can undertake verifications, for instance, to confirm that work complies with the regulations and undertakings given in the application.

The latter is binding, and forms the basis for post-consent regulatory supervision.

Any changes in the activity must be notified to the regulator.

Should the basis for an earlier authorisation alter, the authorities may issue orders or require the operator to secure a new consent.