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Consent for disposal of the Frøy water injection pipeline

Total E&P Norge AS (Total) has been granted consent for disposal of the Frøy water injection pipeline by means of burying the pipeline.

Production from the Frøy field started in May 1995 and stopped in March 2001.

Location of the pipeline

In connection with the cessation plan for the field agreement was reached that the western half (18 kilometres) of the 16-inch water injection pipeline between Frigg and Frøy (map) should be buried.

The operation will be carried out from the multi-purpose offshore work vessel Polar Queen (photo - left) which is operated by Rieber Shipping AS in Bergen.

Polar Queen and T600

Among other things, the ship will use a device of the type "T600 Supertrencher-II" (photo - right) to bury the pipeline. All work will be carried out without the use of divers.

The activity will be completed by the end of 2005.

Contact in the PSA:
Mike Theiss