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Consent for exploration drilling - well 6302/6-1

Statoil ASA has secured consent for exploration drilling on block 6302/6 using the mobile drilling facility, Eirik Raude.

Well 6302/6-1 is a deepwater well, in water depths of 1262 meters.

The well will be drilled as a vertical wildcat well. The purpose of the operation is to investigate the hydrocarbon potential in sandstones from the Danian Age in the lower part of the Tang formation.

mapThe well is part of production license 251 and is situated about 250 kilometers west of Kristiansund. The distance to Ormen Lange is 120 km (see illustration).

The activity is expected to last 76 days. No decision has been made with regard to testing of the well. The well will be permanently plugged and abandoned.

The Eirik Raude is owned and operated by Ocean Rig A/S. The facility received an Acknowledgement of Compliance on 15 September 2004. (Link)

The consent has been granted under the following assumptions and conditions:

  • Statoil will carry out collection of meteorological and oceanographic data and report this data from the Eirik Raude in accordance with Section 25 of the Regulations relating to health, environment and safety (the Framework Regulations).

  • Before entering strata that are expected to contain hydrocarbons, Statoil must have submitted to the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway an evaluation of the avalanche danger in the area. This evaluation must also cover instances in which hydrocarbons accidentally flow into sand layers, thus increasing the pore pressure there.

Contact person i the Petroleum Safety Authority
Mike Theiss