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Consent for major modifications of Sleipner R

The Petroleum Safety Authority Norway has granted Statoil ASA its consent to carry out major modifications of Sleipner R in connection with the development of Langeled.

Langeled is a transport system for Ormen Lange gas from Nyhamna on Aukra to Easington in England.

Langeled will be tied in to Sleipner to enable the mixing of Ormen Lange gas with other gas from the Norwegian continental shelf in order to ensure the gas quality and to allow the Ormen Lange gas to be sent to Europe.

This is done by tying Langeled in to Sleipner R with two risers with a connection to the existing Gassled pipeline to Draupner and Zeebrugge.

The modification of Sleipner R will not lead to a change in function, i.e. Sleipner R will continue to be a riser area.

Ormen Lange development (link to Statoils homepage)

Contact person in the PSA:
Mike Theiss