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Consent for removal of standby vessel for Transocean Searcher

Statoil ASA has previously secured consent for use of the mobile facility Transocean Searcher (photo) for production drilling, completion and well intervention on the Åsgard field up to November 2006. A precondition in the application for consent from the company was that a standby vessel would be used during the activity. Statoil has now applied for consent to remove this vessel.

The background for the application is that the Åsgard field is included in the area emergency preparedness for Haltenbanken.

The intention behind introducing area emergency preparedness is to carry out efficient emergency response cooperation within geographical areas, and among different operating companies, using joint resources.

The efforts to establish area emergency preparedness have resulted in a new generation of standby vessels. In addition, fully-equipped SAR helicopters are located both on Haltenbanken and Trolll/Oseberg.

After the consent for use was first granted in February 2004, technical, organizational and operational changes have been implemented on the Transocean Searcher so that the facility itself can now handle proximity emergency response using its own resources in the event of a "Man Over Board" situation.

Based on the documentation submitted, we have granted our consent for removal of the standby vessel for Transocean Searcher for the period during which the facility is on the Åsgard field and is included in the area emergency preparedness for Haltenbanken.

Contact in the PSA:
Mike Theiss