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Consent for use of Deepsea Trym on Troll

Norsk Hydro Produksjon AS (Hydro) has been granted consent for use of the mobile facility Deepsea Trym for production drilling on the Troll field.

The consent is an extension of a previous consent for use of Deepsea Trym (link).

Deepsea Trym (kilde: Odfjell)The new consent applies to continuation of ongoing activities involving drilling of new wells and intervention in existing wells in accordance with the field development plan for Troll.

The activities are expected to last about eight months.

Deepsea Trym (photo) is a semi-submersible drilling facility of an H-3 modified design, built at ved Aker Verdal and delivered in 1976.

The facility is owned by Songa Offshore ASA and operated by Odfjell Drilling. It has been on assignment for Hydro in its current contract since January 2005.

Deepsea Trym received an (AoC) in June 2003.

Contact person in the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway:
Mike Theiss