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Consent for use of new modules on Troll A

In connection with pre-compression on Troll A, the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA) has given Statoil ASA consent to start using parts of the facility. The consent applies to use of the TPK module (Troll A pre-compression) and the EDS module (Electric Driver System).

During the engineering phase of Troll A it was anticipated that the pressure in the reservoir would drop as production progressed.

Allowances were therefore made for the placement of pressure-boosting equipment on Troll A. Preparations were also made for connection to the production systems by installing tie-in points on the relevant pipe systems.

The pre-compression module has been built as a freestanding module placed on Troll A's weather deck. The location was allocated for this purpose when the facility was designed and constructed. The module weighs 3,782 tonnes.

EDS moduleA separate module (photo) was constructed on Troll A for the EDS equipment which comprises high voltage equipment, control equipment, refrigeration and ventilation plants.

Space has been allocated for two new inverters for the next development stage on each side of the two top floors.

The installation will be tested and ready for start-up on 1 October 2005.


Contact person i the Petroleum Safety Authority
Mike Theiss