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Consent for use of the Norpipe Oil Pipeline beyond the original expected design life

Consent: ConocoPhillips Skandinavia AS (ConocoPhillips) has been granted consent to use the Norpipe oil pipeline until 2028.

Norpipe Oil Pipeline

The starting point for the pipeline (Norpipe Oil Pipeline, see map) is the Ekofisk 2/4-J facility. The pipeline has a diameter of  34" and is 354 kilometres long. It crosses the UK continental shelf and reaches land at Teesside in the UK. There is a connection point for the British fields about 50 kilometres west of Ekofisk.

The pipeline was constructed with an expected design life of minimum 20 years and commenced operations in 1975.

This consent applies to continued use of the Norpipe Oil Pipeline until the expiry of production license 018 in 2028.