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Consent for use of Tune Sør

Consent: StatoilHydro has been granted consent for the use of the Tune Sør seabed well with aassociated pipeline and control cable, as well as for carrying out modifications for Tune Sør at the Oseberg D facility.

Tune Sør

The development of Tune Sør is part of StatoilHydro’s business plan for resource exploitation  and infrastructure use in the Oseberg/Tune area.

Tune Sør is a continuation of the Tune Nord project which was stopped after the field proved to be dry.

The Tune Sør satellite well will produce for and be controlled from Oseberg D (see illustration).

Modification of the processing facility at Oseberg D to include production from Tune Sør is of limited scope.

Production start-up from Tune Sør will be in July 2009, dependent on progress in drilling, completion and testing.

Drilling of gas and condensate producing well A-21 AH was planned for completion in May 2009.

The well has been drilled by the mobile facility Songa Delta (formerly Deepsea Delta) (link) .