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Consent to carry out exploration drilling with Bredford Dolphin

Lundin Norway AS has received consent to carry out exploration drilling with the Bredford Dolphin mobile drilling facility in block 16/2.

The Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA) has granted Lundin Norway AS consent to carry out exploration drilling of well 16/2-21.

Drilling is scheduled to start in mid-April and will have a duration of approx. 40 days, depending on whether a discovery is made.

The drill's planned position during drilling is:

  • 58° 46' 40.81" N
  • 02° 36' 38.77" E

The drilling site is located in the central part of the North Sea and is part of production licence 501. Water depth at the site is approx. 112 metres.



Bredford Dolphin (photo) is a third generation semi-submersible drilling facility, type Aker H-3. The facility was completed in 1976. Bredford Dolphin is owned by Fred Olsen ASA and operated by Fred Olsen’s subsidiary Dolphin AS (Dolphin). The company is headquartered in Stavanger. The facility is registered in Singapore, and DNV is the classification society.

Letter to Lundin Norway as

Journal 2013/289