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Consent to carry out modifications at Kårstø

Gassco AS has received consent to carry out modification work on the Kårstø process facility. The company is modifying an existing transmission line between the Åsgard Transport and Statpipe inlets.

Statpipe og Åsgard Transport ender på KårstøGas from the Statpipe and Åsgard Transport pipelines is landed at the Kårstø gas treatment facility, (illustration, Source MPE).

The present Kårstø facility includes a transmission line for transporting rich gas from the Statpipe inlet to the Åsgard inlet.

Starting from 1 October 2007, there will be a need to change the flow direction from the Åsgard inlet to the Statpipe inlet so that the rich gas from the Åsgard pipeline can be processed in the Statpipe process facility, which will have available capacity.

The consent covers modification of the transmission line for rich gas from the Åsgard inlet to the Statpipe inlet.

Gassco is the operator of the Kårstø facility and Statoil is the technical service provider (TSP) responsible for daily operations.

Contact person i the Petroleum Safety Authority
Mike Theiss