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Consent to commence use of Valhall North Flank

The Norwegian Petroleum Directorate has granted its permission for BP Norge AS to use the unmanned wellhead platform on Valhall North Flank, and has also consented to modifications to Valhall PCP.

The existing Valhall complex consists of four installations connected by gangways and the Valhall South Flank platform, which is located six kilometers south of the field center.

Valhall North Flank (VFN) is an unmanned wellhead platform situated six kilometers north of the Valhall field center.It is equipped with 16 well slots for production.The plan is for production to get underway in February 2004.

VFN has been built as a copy of Valhall South Flank, and it will be linked to the Valhall field center by a 10" pipeline.

The NPD's consent also covers necessary modifications to the field center resulting from the tie-in of VFN.