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Consent to conduct exploration drilling with Ocean Vanguard – well 6407/2-4 S

Consent: StatoilHydro has been granted consent for exploration drilling in the Norwegian Sea with the mobile facility Ocean Vanguard.

The consent applies to drilling of exploration well 6407/2-4 S, and possible sidetrack well 6407/2-4 A.

The well belongs to production licence 074 / 074B and lies approximately 15 kilometres north of Mikkel.

The well has the following geographical coordinates:

N 60° 50' 55.69",  E 07° 38' 05.70".  The water depth at the site is 250 metres.

The drilling activity is scheduled to start as soon as Ocean Vanguard has completed drilling of exploration well 6507/3-7  (link).  Estimated drilling start-up is mid-July 2009.

The operation has an estimated duration of 60 days for the main well. Drilling activity of the potential sidetrack is estimated to last about 25 days.

Ocean Vanguard i Kristiansand

Ocean Vanguard i Kristiansand (foto: Paal K. Lindseth)

Ocean  Vanguard (formerly West Vanguard) is a drilling facility of the Bingo 3000 type, which was completed in 1982 at Trosvik Verksted AS. It has since undergone several upgrades.

The facility is classed by DnV and is operated by Diamond Offshore Netherlands BV. Ocean Vanguard received an Acknowledgement of Compliance (AoC) in July 2004.