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Consent to conduct exploration drilling with Rowan Gorilla VI – well 1/3-12 S

Consent: BG Norge AS has received consent to conduct exploration drilling in the southern North Sea using the mobile facility Rowan Gorilla VI.

The well, which is located approx. 300 km southwest of Stavanger, is part of production licence 297 and has the following geographical coordinates:

N 56° 45' 11.24", E 2° 49' 43.56". The water depth at the site is approx. 70 metres.

Planned start-up is in November 2009. The estimated duration of the drilling activity is 181 days.

Rowan Gorilla VI

Rowan Gorilla VI (pictured) is operated by Rowan Drilling U.K. Ltd. The facility received an Acknowledgement of Compliance (AoC) on 17 November 2009 (link).