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Consent to conduct exploration drilling with Songa Delta – well 34/4-11

Consent: Petro–Canada Norge AS (PCNO) has been granted consent to conduct exploration drilling of well 34/4-11 with the mobile facility Songa Delta.

The well is part of production licence 375 and is located in the northern North Sea approximately 15 kilometres north-northwest of Snorre B, and 186 kilometres  northwest of Mongstad (see location map). The closest  distance to land is 141 kilometres (Ytterøyane).

Location of well 34/4-11


The water depth at the site is approx. 374 metres.

The drilling activity is planned to last for 65 days (dry well), and 85 days in the event of a discovery.

Songa Delta (formerly Deepsea Delta) is a third generation mobile drilling facility of the type Ocean Ranger, completed at Rauma Repola (Finland) in 1981.

Songa Delta is owned by Songa Management AS and operated by Odfjell Drilling AS in Bergen.

The facility received a new Acknowledgement of Compliance (AoC) due to the change of name in June 2009 (link).