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Consent to conduct major modification of Troll C

Consent: StatoilHydro has received consent to conduct a major modification of Troll C.

The consent relates to installation and use of a new module on the facility.

Troll C (source: StatoilHydro)

Troll C (pictured) will eventually have several wells which cannot maintain production against the pressure of the first stage separator due to declining reservoir pressure og increasing water content in the liquid stream.

The object of the modification is to facilitate production (from selected wells) against a lower separator pressure by using a test separator for this purpose.

The modifications shall result in:

  • Increased recovery rate from wells with a high degree of water/low reservoir pressure.
  • Accelerated production from such wells.
  • Increased robustness in relation to reservoir instability.

The following principal activities will be carried out:

  • Construction of a new compressor module.
  • Loading, transport and unloading of new module (weight 438 tonnes).
  • Connection work and completion.
  • Commissioning.

Most of this work will be carried out with the facility in normal operation. Production will be shut down during the unloading operation, and parts of the production facility will be without pressure.