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Consent to conduct major modifications at Mongstad – the TCM facility

Consent: StatoilHydro Mongstad has been granted consent to carry out major modifications in connection with the establishment of the ”European CO2 Test Centre Mongstad” (TCM).

The TCM project involves, inter alia, development and construction of a centre for testing CO2 capture. The centre will be established at the Mongstad refinery (pictured) north of Bergen.

Mongstad (source: StatoilHydro)

The object of the project is to identify, develop, test and evaluate technologies for capturing CO2. The project will, among other things, assess the economy and consequences for the external environment when operating a CO2 capture facility.

Our consent comprises construction of the test centre with two facilities outside of the Mongstad refinery:

  • A plant for testing the amine-based absorption process.
  • A plant for testing the chilled ammonium process.

According to the plan, the facility will be ready for start-up in the summer of 2011.