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Consent to conduct major modifications on 2/4-A

Consent: ConocoPhillips Skandinavia AS (CoPSAS) has been granted consent to carry out major modifications on Ekofisk 2/4-A.

The consent applies to modification of the overpressure protection and depressurisation systems for production from 2/4-A.

Due to a vessel collision with 2/4-W (link), which caused major damage to the facility, adjacent bridges and the vessel, the pipeline from 2/4-FTP to the South Flare (SF) had to be decommissioned/removed.

Ekofiskkomplekset (utsnitt)

The Ekofisk Complex (section) showing FTP, W and SF

The production from 2/4-A is routed through a pipeline to 2/4-FTP. Prior to the collision, excess pressure was relieved to the South Flare. As this option no longer was available, production on 2/4-A had to be shut in.

Ekofisk 2/4-A
Ekofisk 2/4-A

The modification work is set to commence in August 2009.
Production from 2/4-A will resume after completion of the modification work. According to CoPSAS, production can continue until 2011/2012.