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Consent to conduct MUO in 2009

Consent: StatoilHydro Petroleum AS (SH), ExxonMobil Norway and Gassco AS (the Companies) have received consent to conduct manned underwater operations (MUO) during the period 1 February – 31 December 2009.

The application for consent was submitted by SH on behalf of the Companies. The application relates to MUO to be carried out under a contract between SH and Technip Norge AS (Technip), which runs from 1 January 2007 to 31 December 2011.

According to an agreement among the Companies (”Joint Venture Agreement for Subsea Services”), ExxonMobil and Gassco can also carry out MUO under the contract between SH and Technip. 

Skandi Arctic (source: Technip)

The plan is to use Technip's new diving vessel DSV Skandi Arctic (pictured) for the Companies' MUO.

SH will carry out a number of defined operations and project tasks involving saturation diving on Gullfaks, Sleipner, Statfjord C and Heimdal. The water depth varies from 85 metres (Sleipner) to 135 metres (Gullfaks).

On Veslefrikk, Oseberg C and Grane, SH plans surface-supplied diving. The water depth her is approx. 16 metres.

ExxonMobil plans to carry out surface-supplied diving on Jotun where the water depth is approx. 18 metres.

Gassco has not identified a need for own planned MUO, but previous experience suggests that a need could arise for as yet undefined operations and project tasks related to the Companies' licence areas and pipeline systems.

The Companies have emergency preparedness and mobilisation plans related to potential damage to subsea facilities/pipelines. In order to safeguard this preparedness, the Companies must have a pre-approved consent to conduct MUO.

The PSA will conduct a review prior to the operations if a situation should arise with undefined operations or project tasks, or an emergency situation.