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Consent to disposal of gangways, flare stacks, gangway supports, module packages and conductors on the Ekofisk field

ConocoPhillips Skandinavia AS (ConocoPhillips) has received the PSA's consent to the removal and final disposal of nine gangways, five flare stacks, eight gangway supports and two module packages on facilities in the Ekofisk area.

The consent applies to removal and final disposal of:

  • Flare stack and gangway on Cod.

  • Flare stack, two gangways and one gangway support on both Albuskjell A and Albuskjell F.

  • Flare stack and gangways to flare stack on Edda.

  • Two deck modules on Ekofisk P.

  • Flare stack with gangways and gangway support on Ekofisk R.

  • West gangway (R1) between Ekofisk R and Ekofisk T.

  • Fore and aft gangways between Ekofisk P and Ekofisk T.

  • Fore and aft gangways between Ekofisk T and Ekofisk R.

  • Conductors on Albuskjell A.


ConocoPhillips has awarded the contract for removal and final disposal to Heerema Marine Contractor Nederland BV. Heerema has selected AF Decom as subcontractor for the final disposal which, according to plan, will be carried out at Raunes in Vats.

The first structures to be removed will be the gangway and flare stack on Edda, planned for the third quarter of 2006. Final disposal of all structures will be completed by the third quarter of 2010.

Contact in the PSA:
Mike Theiss