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Consent to exploration drilling at Stetind

StatoilHydro has received consent for exploration drilling of well 6605/8-2 with the mobile facility Transocean Leader.

The Stetind prospect belongs to production licence 283 and is located in the Vøring basin approx. 125 kilometres west by northwest of Norne.


Well 6605/8-2 (map) has the following geographical coordinates:

N 66° 18' 43.5", E 05° 31' 43.8".

Drilling is scheduled to start in February 2008. The activity is estimated to last 98 days.

Transocean Leader is a semisubmersible drilling facility built in 1987 and upgraded in 1997. The facility, which is operated by Transocean Offshore North Sea Ltd NUF, received an Acknowledgement of Compliance (AoC) in December 2004.

Link:Transocean Leader receives AoC