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Consent to exploration drilling in the Sleipner area

Statoil ASA has received consent for exploration drilling of well 16/4-4 using the mobile facility West Epsilon.

Well 16/4-4 is part of production license 339 and is located northeast of Sleipner Øst at the following geographical coordinates:

58º 31' 47.8'' N 2º 08' 59.7'' E

Lokasjon brønn 16/4-4 (kilde: Statoil)

Map of the area

Water depths at this site are 91 meters.

The West Epsilon is operated by Seadrill Management AS, Stavanger.

Link: West Epsilon at Troll/Sleipner (Statoil's website)

The drilling activity is expected to take 30 days. After the drilling is completed, the well will be permanently plugged.

Contact person i the Petroleum Safety Authority
Mike Theiss