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Consent to extend the lifetime of Snorre B

We have given Equinor Energy AS (Equinor) consent to use Snorre B beyond its original operating life.

In order to be able to recover the remaining reserves in the Snorre field, Equinor has applied for consent to use the Snorre B facility until 2040. This is a semi-submersible, integrated drilling, processing and quarters facility that produces oil and gas from the northern part of the field. Snorre B started production in 2001 and the existing consent for use applies until 2021.

We have now given Equinor consent to use Snorre B and associated pipelines, risers and subsea structures until 31.12.2040.

The consent is granted on the basis of the documentation submitted with the application, audits and meetings.

The Snorre field lies in the Tampen area in the northern sector of the North Sea. Water depth in the area is 300-350 metres. Snorre was proved in 1979, and the plan for development and operation (PDO) of the first phase (including the development of the Snorre A facility) was approved in 1988. The PDO for the Snorre B facility and recovery from the northern part of the field was approved by the authorities in 1998.

The licensees for the Snorre field are now undertaking comprehensive activities to extend production from the field. The project includes a subsea development, upgrading of the Snorre A facility and increasing gas injection to ensure further production from the field.