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Consent to modification of Oseberg Øst

Norsk Hydro Produksjon AS has been granted consent to carry out major modifications to the Oseberg Øst facility (photo). Today the installation does not have equipment to treat/circulate drilling fluid and cement, and therefore depends on support vessels (TSV) in order to carry out drilling operations. The modifications are necessary to implement future drilling operations without TSV.

Oseberg Øst is located approximately 100 km northwest of Bergen. The installation was originally built as a process platform and living quarters equipped with an integrated drilling rig. In accordance with the plan for development and operations (PDO), drilling operations have been supported by the mobile rig Borgila Dolphin.

Norsk Hydro is of the opinion that the planned drilling of seven new wells could increase producible reserves by approximately 40 million barrels of oil. The wells will be drilled without support vessels.

Oseberg Øst. Illu: Norsk Hydro

The modification entails the following main activities:

- Expansion of the living quarters from 42 to 62 beds.
- Replace existing lifeboats with new ones.
- Install new break/conference room.
- Expand cargo deck.
- Install module for treating drilling fluid.
- Install new turbine, generator and transformer.
- Relocate existing MOB boat.

The activity entails e.g. lifting and placement of prefabricated living quarter modules using the existing cranes on the installation, and lifting of the drilling fluid module, generator and transformer using heavy lift vessel.

According to the company's plans, the work will be completed by November 2006.

Contact person i the Petroleum Safety Authority
Mike Theiss