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Consent to start operation of equipment at Kårstø

The Petroleum Safety Authority Norway has granted its consent allowing Gassco AS to start operation of equipment at Kårstø.

The consent applies to equipment installed at Kårstø in connection with the Rogass project for tie-in to the existing Europipe II facility: metering and pressure control equipment, launchers and other equipment for pigging the Rogass pipeline, ESD valve, as well as associated safety, monitoring and communications equipment.

Rogass equipment

ESD valve and some other equipment

The equipment will be connected to the sea line for transport of gas from Kårstø to Risavika and Rennesøy.

When the Rogass sea line commences operations, ownership of this equipment will be transferred from Lyse Gass AS to Gassled, with Gassco responsible for operations.

Contact person in the PSA:
Mike Theiss