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Consent to upgrade compressors on Kårstø

Gassco AS (Gassco) has been given consent to upgrade compressors in the Åsgard natural gas trains at the Kårstø facility.

Gassco's application for consent comprises modifications, replacements and installation of new equipment to increase the pressure into the inlet manifold on the Åsgard natural gas compressors.

The modifications are made to comply with contractual obligations as regards gas deliveries from Gassled in the contract years 2008 and 2010.

Link:About Gassled (Gassco's website)

The company Gassco AS is the operator of Gassled, which includes most of the transport system on the Norwegian Continental Shelf. Gassco was established in 2001, and the State owns 100 per cent of the company. Gassco is responsible for the operation (planning, monitoring, co-ordination and management of transport from the fields to the gas terminals), capacity allocation and development of the transport system.

Statoil is the technical service provider (TSP) for Gassled. The company has been awarded the responsibility for carrying out the project, and will handle the daily operation of the facility.

Contact person in the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway:
Mike Theiss