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Consent to use Aker Barents for well plugging

The PSA has granted Statoil consent to use Aker Barents for plugging well 7222/11-1 in the Barents Sea.

The objective of the operation is to permanently plug exploration well 7222/11-1.

The well was temporarily plugged in 2008. The planned activity entails removing the trawler protection from the wellhead, confirming the cement height in the well and then cutting the wellhead away.

The plan is to start the operation in the first half of March 2012 and will have an expected duration of four days.

The rig has the following geographical coordinates:

• 72° 04' 20.71"N

• 22° 28' 27.38"E

 The water is 357 metres deep at the site and the well lies about 120 km from the nearest land, Ingøy island in Finnmark County.

Aker Barenst


Link: Aker Barents has been granted an Acknowledgement of Compliance