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Consent to use Deepsea Bergen on Heidrun, Norne and Åsgard

Consent: StatoilHydro has been granted consent to use the mobile facility Deepsea Bergen for production drilling on the Heidrun, Norne and Åsgard fields.

StatoilHydro has a contract period of three years for Deepsea Bergen. The consent is valid for three years with planned start-up at the beginning of July 2009.

Production drilling on the Heidrun field includes activities such as plugging and abandoning, drilling, completion and well interventions.

Two well activities are planned on the Heidrun field in 2009, and the activity will continue in 2010.

Norne Main field
Deepsea Bergen will drill and complete four new production wells on the M-frame. In addition, the facility will be used for sidetrack drilling of and well maintenance on the field, with a planned water injector in 2011.

Åsgard/Norne Satellites
For Åsgard and Norne Satellites the Deepsea Bergen will be assigned well commissions during the contract period.

This will also depend on the ongoing well allocation processes, where the main objective of the operations on Åsgård and Norne Satellites is to maintain the production levels and increase the recovery rates in the production licences.

The activity on the Åsgård field may also include well clean-up and well testing.

Deepsea Bergen

Deepsea Bergen (photo) is an Aker H3-facility built in 1983 and operated by Odfjell Drilling AS. The facility received Acknowledgement of Compliance  (AoC) from the authorities in December 2001.