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Consent to use facilities on Ekofisk beyond original lifetime

Consent: ConocoPhillips Skandinavia AS (COPSAS) has received consent to use several of the facilities and pipelines in the Ekofisk Area beyond their original lifetime.

The consent applies to the following facilities and pipelines:

  • 2/4-H and 2/4-Q until 1 September 2013.
  • 2/4-C (as part of escape route) until 1 September.2013, from then in accordance with rules for simplified facilities without overnight accommodation until 2028.
  • 2/4-FTP until 31 December 2015.
  • 2/4-BS01, 2/4-W and 2/4-SF until 31 December 2012.
  • 2/4-A until 31 December 2016.
  • 8”pipeline for gas lift from 2/4-C to 2/4-B until 2028.
  • 12”pipeline for water injection from 2/4-K to 2/4-W until 31 December 2012, from then rerouted to other facility until 2028.

Ekofisk Area

This decision entails consent for lifetime extension on the following conditions:

Pursuant to Section 10-18 second paragraph of the Petroleum Act relating to the authority to issue regulations and stipulate conditions, confer Section 58 of the Framework Regulations on individual decisions Section 20 of the Management Regulations on handling of non-conformities and Section 83 of the Facilities Regulations on entry into force, the operator shall:

Document that the facilities are suited for safe use in the period granted in the consent. This entails a new evaluation of the facilities to document compliance of requirements of the applicable regulations for the individual facility, including the significance of changes in assumptions and future needs. Non-conformities shall be handled formally.

The deadline for compliance with the conditions is set at 4 May 2009.

Contact in the PSA:
Reidar Hamre