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Consent to use Fram Vest

The Norwegian Petroleum Directorate has granted Norsk Hydro Produksjon a. s permission to use Fram Vest. The consent covers start-up and operation of Fram Vest wells and subsea template, the pipeline system from the Fram Vest template to Troll C, Fram Vest receiving facilities on Troll C, as well as use of the process facilities on Troll C for processing and production of gas and oil from the Fram Vest field.

The Fram Vest field is situated in block 35/11 about 22 km north of Troll C. The field is connected to Troll C via a 13" production line, a 12" gas injection line and a control line. All of these lines are tied into Troll C.
The subsea installations on Fram Vest are designed and installed to be diver-less. All maintenance will be carried out with the aid of ROVs or specially built tool systems operated from a drilling rig or intervention vessel.
The plan is to have full, regular production underway starting from 1 October 2003.