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Consent to use Hammerfest LNG

Statoil ASA has received consent to use the Hammerfest LNG plant (Liquefied Natural Gas) on Melkøya.

About Snøhvit and Hammerfest LNG
Snøhvit, Askeladd and Albatross, the three gas fields that make up the Snøhvit project, were proven in the early 1980s.

Områdekart Melkøya (kilde: Kaefer)

The gas will be routed from the subsea field facilities approximately 140 km via pipeline to the LNG terminal on Melkøya, just outside the center of Hammerfest.

On Melkøya the gas mixture will be processed, and the LNG gas will be separated and liquefied. Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) will also be produced, as well as condensate.

Link: About Snøhvit and Hammerfest LNG (Statoil's website)

This consent for use covers the following phases:

  • Cooling of LNG storage tanks with imported LNG, the first fill of ethane and propane.
  • Production of fuel gas from LNG, start-up of generators and process facilities.
  • Receiving first wellstream from the field.
  • Normal production.

Hammerfest LNG

Hammerfest LNG (Source: Statoil)

Contact person i the Petroleum Safety Authority
Mike Theiss