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Consent to use installations on Rev

Consent: Talisman Energy Norway AS (Talisman) has received consent to use installations on the Rev field.

Rev (formerly called Varg South) is a gas and condensate field located six km south of the Varg field in block 15/12 near the border of the British Continental Shelf (see map).

location map

The field has been planned as a subsea development tied into the Armada facility on the British Shelf. Gas and condensate from the field will be transported to the UK through existing British pipelines.

Appraisal well 15/12-16 S was drilled using the drilling facility Mærsk Giant at a depth of 87 metres to a total depth of 2,921 metres below the surface of the sea. A successful production test was completed.

The Plan for Development and Operation for Rev was approved in June 2007.

Well 15/12-17 B on the field has been planned for completion in the course of the third quarter of 2008  and will be connected to Armada for production start-up in the second quarter of 2009.