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Consent to use Kvitebjørn pipelines

Statoil ASA has applied for permission to use the Kvitebjørn Gassrørledning (gas pipeline) and Kvitebjørn Oljerør (oil pipeline). The photo shows the Kvitebjørn installation which is situated about 20 kilometers southeast of Gullfaks. The consent was granted on 2 July 2004. The pipelines will be ready for production on the field in the early fall of 2004.

The gas pipeline from Kvitebjørn to Kollsnes is 147.5 kilometers long with an outer diameter of 30 inches.

The pipeline capacity will be 26.5 million cubic meters per day.

The condensate pipeline from Kvitebjørn (Kvitebjørn Oljerør) is tied in to Troll Oljerør 2, between Troll C and Mongstad. The condensate pipeline is 90 km long and has a diameter of 16 inches.

Contact person in the PSA:
Mike Theiss