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Consent to use Mærsk Innovator on Ekofisk

Consent: ConocoPhillips (COP) has received consent to use the mobile facility Mærsk Innovator for drilling and plugging on Ekofisk.

Mærsk InnovatorThe consent relates to the drilling of a sidetrack from production well 2/4-B-9-B (link) and for plugging of well 2/4-B-7 (link).
According to the application for consent, this activity will be carried out while the Mærsk Innovator is operating on Ekofisk, during the period from May to September 2009.
The Mærsk Innovator (see photo) is a mobile jack-up drilling facility, built by Hyundai in 2003 and operated by Maersk Drilling Norge.
The legs of the facility are 205 m long, allowing the facility to operate in waters that are up to 150 m deep. The facility received an Acknowledgement of Compliance (AoC) in May 2003.