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Consent to use Mærsk Innovator to drill water injection wells on Ekofisk

ConocoPhillips Skandinavia AS (COPSAS) has received consent to use the jack-up drilling facility Mærsk Innovator to drill eight water injection wells on the Ekofisk field.

The consent covers the drilling of eight water injection wells with the objective of maintaining the formation pressure in the southern part of the Ekofisk field. The wells will be completed as subsea wells.

The Ekofisk field was discovered in 1969 and is the oldest of the oil and gas fields on the Norwegian shelf that is still producing. The field is located about 280 km southwest of Stavanger. The templates for the new water injection wells will be placed about 1 km east of the Ekofisk 2/4A facility. The water depth is approx. 73 metres.

Drilling will start in June 2012 at the earliest, and the activity has an estimated total duration of around two year.


Mærsk Innovator (photo) is a jack-up drilling facility built at Hyundai in South Korea in 2002. The facility received an Acknowledgement of Compliance (AoC) in May2003. It is owned by Mærsk Contractors and operated by Mærsk Drilling Norway AS. The facility is registered in Denmark, with Det norske Veritas as classification society.