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Consent to use MSV Regalia on Visund

The Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA) has granted its consent to Statoil ASA for use of the mobile MSV (Multi-Service Vessel) Regalia as a flotel on the Visund field.

The consent has been granted for the period 20 February - 15 September 2005.

MSV Regalia. Photo: Prosafe

The MSV Regalia (photo) will be dynamically positioned with a bridge connection to the Visund facility.

The plan is to expand the gas unit on Visund in order to increase gas injection capacity and facilitate gas transport to Kvitebjørn by 1 October 2005. This will take place while drilling activity is also maintained.

In this context, a flotel is needed in order to accommodate the necessary personnel.

The MSV Regalia is a semi-submersible facility of the "GVA 3000" type. It has 193 cabins and is operated by Prosafe Offshore Ltd.

The facility was most recently used as a flotel for Statoil at Troll A.

Contact person i the Petroleum Safety Authority
Mike Theiss